~ Q & A: Dr. Sarah Morris ~

HEUTE erwartet euch wieder eines meiner Q&A’s – und diesmal auch wieder mit einer Premiere: es ist das erste englischsprachige Q&A.

Rede und Antwort stand mir diesmal die englische Autorin Sarah Morris, aus deren Feder die beiden Romane um Anne Boleyn stammen: „Le Temps Viendra I & II: A Novel of Anne Boleyn“.

Diejenigen, die eine deutsche Übersetzung bevorzugen würden, bitte ich um kurze Mitteilung an mich, dann werde ich diese schnellstmöglich anfertigen & einstellen.


Aber zunächst einige Worte zur Autorin selbst:

Sarah Morris wuchs in Yorkshire Dales in England auf und genoss die dortige Landschaft, die ihre lebenslange Liebe zur Natur und zu kreativen Werken förderte.  Sie schrieb schon in jüngeren Jahren Gedichte, Geschichten und Artikel – aber auch Texte für Theaterstücke.

Zunächst arbeitete Sarah Morris als Ärztin, später als Berater auf verschiedenen Bereichen – und ihre dritte Karriere ist nun die einer Autorin. Hierin kann sie ihre Interessen und Fähigkeiten vereinigen und ihre Kreativität ausleben.  Inspiriert wird sie dabei von den Lebensgeschichten starker und couragierter Frauen, die sich selbst treu geblieben sind und den Widerständen getrotzt haben.

Sarah Morris möchte Geschichte real werden lassen („Make.History.Real“) und achtet sehr auf historische Genauigkeit in ihren Werken – aber auch auf eine große emotionale Bandbreite, die den Leser anzieht.

Privat entspannt sie am ehesten mit ihrem Hund Milly, der sie des öfteren von ihrem Computerbildschirm wegzieht und so für frischen Wind und frische Gedanken sorgt.

Gemeinsam mit Natalie Grueniger hat sie ein Buch namens „In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn“ geschrieben, welches den historischen Schauplätzen nachgeht und ein guter Reiseführer für Interessierte ist.


Einen guten Artikel zu „Le Temps Viendra“ findet ihr auch hier.

Nun auf zum Q & A:

Dear Sarah,

thank you so much for joining me (and the readers of my blog) to this Q & A.  I hope the questions are OK and find you in a good mood to answer 🙂  I’ll keep you updated to when the Q & A will be online on my blog.

Thanks so much in advance. Greetings and hugs



1. For „Le Temps Viendra I & II“ you go deep in the history and soul of Anne Boleyn who had the unlucky ending we all know from history books. What drew you especially to Anne Boleyn?

I have no idea. I have a strong psychic connection with her that I have never quite understood. Whether there is a past lives connection, or whether I merely resonate with her, and her story, as a woman I do not know. However, I do know that I greatly admire so many of her qualities, some of which I articulate in the Epilogue of Le Temps Viendra; her courage, grace, determination to be true to herself, no matter what the consequences, to name but a few.

2. With „In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn“ you co-wrote a book (with Natalie Grueninger) where interested people could follow the ancient traces and explore on their travels the „yesterday“ and the „here and now“. Are you much of a traveller? What is / was your favorite place you went to? Why ?

I love travelling, particularly on my own. I find it is incredibly liberating. At the same time, I am also very much a lover of my home, and enjoy having a base, so these short, research trips suited me perfectly. It was such tremendous fun to have done the background research then go in search of the fragments left of Anne’s life. So many of the places in the book I loved uncovering through research. However, I suppose I have to say the French locations were amongst the most special, as I was looking at these from scratch, with very little having been written about them in the context of Anne’s life. Paris is my favourite city in the world, and re-creating medieval Paris, the Paris that Anne would have know, was like putting together a particularly thrilling jigsaw puzzle. Visiting the Loire Valley was also very special, for here I felt I came close to understanding how Anne become the woman who so enraptured the heart of a King. Here we come close to the people, events and culture that so indelibly shaped her thinking and marked her out as a visionary who did not just witness history in the making, but actively participated in shaping the story of a nation.

3. What kind of book-ideas do you have for future work – again anything historical?

 Natalie and I so enjoyed writing In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn that we have decided to do a follow on. Having polled our respective fan bases, we have started research on In the Footsteps of the Six Wives of Henry VIII. This will follow a similar format to the first, but we will be focusing on the top ten or so locations for each of the wives. However, I have to admit, that Nat and I both have a hankering to do a detailed In the Footsteps for Katherine Parr. That may well follow on after and it will certainly keep us busy for some time to come!

4. While writing „Le Temps Viendra“ you did listen to special medieval music from the Tudor times or to the Soundtrack of the series „The Tudors“ with the wonderful Natalie Dormer portraying Anne Boleyn and a very charismatic Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII. Both have played very different roles during their career but together as Anne & Henry they are fabulous.

Did you happen to (while writing) see the „Natalie Dormer ‚Anne‘) in your mind?

Yes, very much. In a non-specific way, The Tudors was a big catalyst, I think, in bringing the creative idea for LTV to the surface of my mind. When I was writing various scenes, I certainly saw JRM and Natalie Dormer in my mind’s eye. However, in order to create that feeling – that so many fans have reported – of being there in the midst of the story as it unfolds, I also had to sink myself into Anne’s body directly. So often, in the very emotional scenes, I would spend time before I started writing by becoming absorbed in her body and mind until I could see the chamber, room, or building I was in, through my mind’s eye – as if I was there, as if I were Anne. When I did this, I felt I could tap into her deepest feelings and how she would have most likely reacted to what was happening to, and around, her. It was thrilling, moving and oftentimes, exhausting.

If you could be the casting director of the historical couple now – who could be your two favourite people for portraying Anne & Henry?

I couldn’t pick anyone more suitable. Natalie was just pefect; a sublime embodiment of Anne’s very complex and multi-dimensional character. It is just how I envision her. As for JRM, I know many did not like him in that role, primarily it seems because he didn’t look like Henry. But to me, he captured the King’s troubled and mercurial character flawlessly. I have often suspected that JRM’s own difficult personal life allowed him to play out Henry’s magnetic but unstable character to perfection.

5. Why do you think it will always be Anne Boleyn who is remembered most out of Henrys wives? With Katherine or Jane Seymour or Katherine Howard there are strong characters, too – but to me it seems as though Anne Boleyn always has this special magic…

In her own way, she was as charismatic as Henry; a complex crucible of feminine power, intelligence and grace. Unlike the others, (with perhaps the exception of Katherine Parr), Anne was a woman ahead of her time, a visionary if you like, who saw the opportuity for a different religious landscape in England. She was unafraid to stand up for what she believed in, and the sheer brilliance of her courage throughout her life, and particualrly at the end, still blinds us almost 500 years on. Somehow, despite the slander of those who wished to defame her following her execution, the truth has prevailed – as it always does – eventually. The tragic story of an innocent woman of incredible strength cannot fail to move so many of us who are still inspired by her character today. None of Henry’s other Queens quite manages to embody so many of these qualities, and also can claim to have changed the course of a nation’s history quite so emphatically. This is, I belive, why she still manages to enthrall us to this day.

6. As a former physician turned coach turned writer and lover of history and with the goal of making history real and comprehensible for readers – is there a history era you wouldn’t want to write about or get into deep in? Why?

I am not interested in modern history, or anything post 1603 actually. With the death of Elizabeth I, so died my passion for English history!

7. Back again to Anne Boleyn: In „Inside the mind of Anne Boleyn: a portrait of a murdered queen“ you give insight of the process developing these wonderful books. Very at the beginning of this blogentry you wrote about Anne „You either love her or you hate her!“ Its obvious that you are loving her.

Is there a historical character (male or female) that you are also very interested in and to which you could also say that you could either love or hate her/him?

I’m afraid I am very Tudor orientated in my love of history. Although I am interested in the medieval period in English history too, Tudor characters will always most intrigue me. I adored writing about Mary Howard for LTV II, and I quite fell in love with her. Now here is an interesting woman! One who stood up to some powerful men. She was another indomitable character who seems to have refused to be intimidated – just like Anne. As you will see in the novel, I do wonder whether Anne Boleyn acted as a key role model in the shaping of her adult character.

8. Quick-Answer Round: (Please answer with the first thing that comes to mind, thanks)

Summer or Winter: Summer

Movie or Book-to-the-movie: – Book to Movie, or just movie, but not Movie to Book – I like seeing books brought to life, but I can’t muster up the interest to read the book once I know the outcome from a movie. Odd I know, but there you have it!

Best song you heard in 2013? – I love soundtracks, and my lovely friend and co-author, Natalie Grueninger, introduced me to the soundtrack of W.E. in 2013, which I have played incessantly since.

Worst song you heard in 2013? I am not really up to date with music, but my toes curl up every Christmas when I hear I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday by Slade.

Biggest wish for 2014? Real peace and happiness.

Crime, Fiction or Romantic Comedy? Rom com every time. I am such a softie.

If you could go to a deserted island – what would you bring along? A yatch!

TV Movies or TV Series? – TV Series

Best series you watched in 2013/ ever? The Tudors – had to be, didn’t it?

Thank you so much for taking the time.


Dies war mein kleiner Q&A-Ausflug mit der Autorin von „Le Temps Viendra“ – Sarah Morris.

Wer noch einen multimedialen Eindruck von ihr bekommen will, kann dies hier tun.

(Da der GEMA-youtube Streitfall aktuell wieder verhandelt wird, an dieser Stelle nur der Link zu youtube und kein eingebettetes Video…)

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8 Antworten zu ~ Q & A: Dr. Sarah Morris ~

  1. Kathrin schreibt:

    Nachdem ich das Interview neulich nur überfliegen konnte, habe ich es nun endlich in Ruhe lesen können! Tolles, interessantes Q&A. Man merkt, wie viel Sarah Morris an der Thematik „Anne Boleyn“ liegt und wie sehr sie die damalige Zeit fasziniert. Macht – zusammen mit deiner Rezi – auf jeden Fall neugierig 🙂


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  3. booksandmore81 schreibt:

    Danke 🙂 Danke auch für die Verlinkung auf den Artikel 🙂
    Ich bin auch sehr fasziniert von den Büchern und der historischen Anne Boleyn. Zu einem gewissen Teil ist dieses Interesse natürlich auch durch Natalie Dormer und Jonathan Rhys Meyers entstanden, die die beiden in „The Tudors“ einfach großartig darstellen.

    Sarah Morris hat sich auch sehr bedankt und ich arbeite jetzt an Recherchen für ihr neues Buch über Anna von Kleve mit 🙂 Da übernehme ich die deutschsprachigen Recherchen zu Anna und dem Ort ihrer Geburt etc.
    Das ist schon ein großer Schritt in die richtige Richtung finde ich und bin total begeistert, dass sie mich gebeten hat, mitzuarbeiten 🙂


  4. Kathrin schreibt:

    Wow, das klingt ja großartig! Ich freue mich riesig für dich! Eine tolle Aufgabe und sicher eine aufregende Erfahrung, so international zusammenzuarbeiten und für eine Autorin mitzurecherchieren.

    Sofern du das im Arbeitsprozess darfst, würde ich mich freuen, hin und wieder von deinen Erfahrungen und Fortschritten zu erfahren 🙂


  5. booksandmore81 schreibt:

    Danke 🙂 ich hab grad eine E-Mail an die Kleve Marketing GmbH & Co.KG geschrieben mit der Bitte um zusätzliches Material. Mal schauen, wie es mit deren Antwort aussieht. Ansonsten ist das ja eher so eine Art „persönlicher Gefallen“ und kein bezahlter Job, aber ich finde es trotzdem großartig 🙂 Für alles, was ich recherchiere, werde ich auch im Buch erwähnt und das ist ja schonmal eine gute Sache.


  6. Kathrin schreibt:

    Dass es etwas rein ehrenamtliches ist, war mir ja bewusst. Aber die Erfahrung an sich ist doch sowieso viel wertvoller (meiner Meinung nach). Ich finde das jedenfalls spannend und wünsche dir viel Erfolg und Spaß beim Recherchieren! 🙂


  7. booksandmore81 schreibt:

    Ja da geb ich dir Recht – es ist schon eine richtig tolle Erfahrung und ich bin auch etwas stolz, dass sie gerade mich gefragt hat 🙂 Bin auch schon fleißig am Recherchieren, Sarah schickt mir demnächst noch ein Buch zu (In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn), damit ich einen Eindruck davon habe, was am Ende herauskommen könnte…

    Und bereits bei den ersten Recherchen wirds etwas tricky, aber mehr verrate ich noch nicht – Schlösser und Burgen und ein kleines Durcheinander. Hach… Geschichte ist schon was schönes 😉


  8. Kathrin schreibt:

    Das klingt doch schon mal vielversprechend und interessant 🙂


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