Thought 44: When movies feel like old friends

When time goes by you will love this comfort…

Life Is Messy

There is a constant barrage of new movies and television series that there is no reason to watch anything twice. The quality is only getting better, and even when you think you’ve seen everything  in terms of plot twists and surprises, something will come along that gets you so invested, makes you gasp in shock or feel so deeply. If nothing else, you may watch something that makes you laugh like you haven’t in days.  I have been known to discuss characters from series like they are real people.

But what I have noticed as I get older is the comfort that comes from watching an old movie. Sometimes, it’s not even an old favourite – it could be one that just reminds you of a person, or time or place. Music has always had that power. I can’t hear Hue Corporation “Rock the Boat” without thinking of the endless…

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