From Wilmington To Paris: How A Convention Changed My Life

Exactly my thoughts 🙂 Hopefully I am at FWTP3 next year 🙂

Enchanted Serendipity

Conventions today are HUGE! If you look online you will see the usual fan favourites like Comic-Con, and shows like ‘Supernatural’ which truly dominate the television show convention calendar.

But other tv shows, ones still filming or finished long ago, are getting in on the act. And why not? These conventions are not cheap and fans will pay BIG bucks to have even a moment with their favourite stars!

In 2013, I stumbled across a convention by Guests Events that was being held in October that year in Paris, for my favourite television show ‘One Tree Hill’.

From Wilmington To Paris 2013 From Wilmington To Paris 2013

‘One Tree Hill’ was not an ordinary tv show. It was focused on the teenage audience, but it was far more than a show for teenagers. Each episode and storyline inspired. They taught us all to dream big, work hard for what you want, and if…

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