Nicholas Sparks Filming Locations: A Walk To Remember, Safe Haven, Nights In Rodanthe & The Last Song

For the lovers of Nicholas Sparks movies and their locations 🙂

Enchanted Serendipity

Following on from my previous article on ‚The Notebook‘locations in Charleston, South Carolina; here is the second part of my Nicholas Sparks filming locations series focusing this time on the films: ‚A Walk To Remember‘,‚Safe Haven‘,‚Nights InRodanthe‘ and ‚The Last Song‘.

All of these films are favourites of mine, and have played a large part in my love of the Southern East Coast of the United States; from North Carolina down to Georgia. These films feature some beautiful towns, ultimately making these stories so visually picturesque; and a place that anyone would want to live in. These towns are truly characters in the films themselves.

So where can you see some of these beautiful places?

North Carolina locations:


A Walk to Remember (2002)

Wilmington is known for being the ‚Hollywood of the East Coast‘. With television series including ‚Dawson’s Creek‘, ‚One Tree Hill‘, ‚Revolution‚ and

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