What one calls a boring life

If anyone struggles with hectic life – here’s a good example of a more quiet still satisfying way🙂


What one calls a boring life is what others are happy with.

So I barely drink, don’t touch drugs. Don’t party or sleep around. I refuse to sit all day gossiping about other people. I don’t back stab as a way of enjoyment.

Its called priorities I take pride in my home and keep it clean. I cook, bake, tend to the families veggie garden. I take care of the two children whom I choose to have. I like reading. Writing. Blogging. Cake decorating. Photography. Being creative. I stay home. I take care of myself by going to bed at a decent hour and sleeping. I like exercising. I take care of my physical and mental health.

It all makes me feel more of a kind caring human. A women who yes at 30 stays home a lot but when I look back I’ll proudly be able to say. I…

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