~ Reading Recommendations and Zoo-tastic adventures ~

~ An meine deutschsprachigen Leser:

Zur Abwechslung – und weil ich es nicht zeitnah geschafft habe, den vorigen Artikel in englischer Sprache zur Verfügung zu stellen – erscheint

dieser Artikel nur auf Englisch. ~

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Hi everyone out there,

hope you guys have an amazing summer so far? Mine has been pretty good – but with having a new job and other organisational things I have to deal with right now there has been less time to post something here. I hope you guys bear with me and I am doing my best to post some interesting things more often.

So – with the wonderful thing of having a year’s card to the Leipzig Zoo and therefore the ability to come and go whenever I like – which is definitely a good thing for someone like me – I am now showing you some of the latest pictures  I took.

They include the amazing and wonderful young tiger cubs playing around, some feathery guys enjoying their life and other summer-like pictures. Hope you like them 🙂


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And – as this is also a blog about books and reading – here are some of the latest books I’ve read and found very interesting – each one in a different way – and which I would like to recommend to you to read:


So – how has your summer been so far?

Do  you have any reading recommendations you want to share? If so feel free to comment on this article or send me a message on twitter.


Whatever you do – may it be reading or enjoying the summer travelling or just enjoy th sun – remember to slow down every once in a while.