~ Worth Fighting For…Love, Loss, and moving forward ~

Nachdem ich schon Patrick Swayze’s Memories gelesen habe, machte ich mich voll Interesse an das Buch seiner langjährigen Ehefrau und Freundin, Lisa Niemi.

Schon das Buchcover ist schön gestaltet und bietet einen Hauch Nostalgie mit der Rückseite, auf der Patrick abgebildet ist.

After reading Patrick Swayze’s memoir „The Time of My Life“ I now finished reading the book of his longtime wife and friend Lisa Niemi.

Even the cover of the book is wonderful and gives a calm insight in the dark days that are still filled with hope and love.


„Till Death do us part.“ That’s what Patrick and I said in our vows when we got married. […] I was eighteen years old, I knew death existed, but it was still a concept, something far, far in the future. So far, that I didn’t have to worry about it.“

(page 4)

Nachdem bei Patrick Krebs entdeckt worden war, gab es schon zu Anfang das ein oder andere Hindernis auf dem Weg zu einer Behandlung. Nachdem die ersten Hürden überwunden waren und die Behandlung angefangen hatte, machten Patrick und Lisa sehr erfreuliche Erfahrungen mit der Produktionsfirma, die seine letzte Serie „The Beast“ produzierten:

After they found out that Patrick had pancreatic cancer there were problems right at the beginning of the treatment. But there were also good moments when Patrick and Lisa told the production company of „The Beast“, Patricks latest series, of his diagnosis:

„They reacted like human beings instead of businesspeople, and they decided to hang in there with Patrick.“ (page 48)

Und auch Patrick selbst wollte um sein Leben kämpfen und sein Wille war ungebrochen:

And Patrick definitely wanted to fight for his life:

„And when the doctors were describing treatments and procedures that would have scared other people witless, Patrick’s reaction was more one of the lively curiosity: ‚Wow, that’s interesting. Let’s see what that does. What do you think, Lisa?‘ It was like he could step outside his body and look at it like an objective observer. He was interested in this fight. And I was equally engaged.“ (page 49)

Mit all den Umstellungen von Medikamenten und Chemotherapie geht auch Lisa durch die verschiedensten Emotionen und kümmert sich rührend um ihren Mann.

With all the changes in medication and chemo also Lisa goes through so much emotion and is caring very lovely for her husband.

The story of these two is becoming a little bit of a struggle – mostly because of the disease – and that’s never put a hold on their love and passion for one another. They loved each other deeply and through this hard time their love grew stronger than before.

Die Geschichte der beiden wird durch diese schwere Erkrankung auf einen Prüfstand gestellt und macht die Liebe und Zuneigung der beiden zueinander nur noch größer.

And with every appointment at the doctors, with every scan there is the fear and the hope, that Patrick’s situation might change for the better – or at least stay the way it is.

Und bei jedem Arzttermin, bei jeder Untersuchung schwingt die Angst und gleichzeitig auch die Hoffnung mit, dass sich Patrick’s Zustand zum besseren ändert – oder zumindest gleich bleibt.

„With no more lesions, no growth of existing lesions, and the PET scan shwong and improvement in the liver, this was confirmation that the chemo was actually working well at controlling the disease. Controlling the disease. As far as pancreatic cancer is concerned, that spells SUCCESS. […]

When we were able to privately catch each other’s eye, it was hard not to be flooded with sparkling emotion. And in his eyes I could see him distinctly say, as if he had said it out loud, ‚Looks like I’m going to be around for a little while longer!'“ (page 80)

Also arbeitet Patrick an seiner Serie „The Beast“ und nach 33 Jahren, die sie verheiratet waren, beschließen die beiden, ihre Ehegelöbnisse zu erneuern – mit Patrick auf seinem Pferd Roh.

So Patrick works on his series „The Beast“ and after being married for 33 years – Lisa and Patrick decided to renew their wedding vows – with Patrick on his horse Roh.

„It was like there was truly magic in the air. Everyone was happy. […] I was standing at the back door ready to make my entrance […] he and Roh, our silvery, blinding-white, brilliant stallion sat off and trotted out and fairly floated around the pool […] and they were breathtaking indeed. He dismounted near the patio when Roh had settled… and held out his hand.

I was smiling ear to ear as I walked forward through the crowd and up to him, taking is hand… And I couldn’t resist. I turned to our guests and grinned, ‚After 33 years, he finally rides up on a white horse!'“ (page 109)

Das war am 13. Juli 2008. That was July 13th, 2008.

Danach ging es auf zu den Dreharbeiten von ‚The Beast‘, wo Lisa wieder einmal Zeuge wurde, wie groß sein Arbeitsethos war und dass sich Patrick bei seinen Projekten immer 110% einsetzte – auch jetzt, obwohl er in der Zeit vorher manchmal nicht so gute Tage hatte.

After that they moved on to the work at „The Beast“ when Lisa was again witnessing how Patrick changed when being at work and being fully committed to a project – even when his last days hadn’t been the best regarding his health.

„From the moment his foot touched down in Chicago, he was like a different man. He went from staying in bed all day to hardly ever going to bed. His enormous burst of energy floored me. I say that he ‚was like a different man‘, but the fact is, he was like his old self, going nonstop, and always the extra mile.“ (page 119)

Doch die Zeiten werden nicht einfacher für Patrick und Lisa und sie beschreibt in „Worth Fighting For“ die verschiedenen Momente, die schwierig waren und sie beide auf eine harte Probe gestellt haben.

But times were not getting easier for Patrick and Lisa and in „Worth Fighting For“ she describes the different moments which were incredibly difficult for both of them.


Umstellung der Medikamente, Probleme mit dem Essen und in der Verdauung sind nur einige der Probleme, dessen eine Auswirkung auch der Verlust seiner Haare ist.

Change of medication, problems with eating and digestion are only some of the problems they were facing as time went on. Another hard point was that Patrick was loosing his hair.

„And he handled all of it the same way he handled his pain and discomfort – with a steady grace, strength and dignity.“ (page 200)

Neben all den gesundheitlichen Auswirkungen, die eine so schwere Krebserkrankung mit sich bringt, fand Patrick trotzdem die Kraft, die Audioversion seines Buches „The Time of My Life“ aufzunehmen, bevor er seinem Körper wieder erlaubte, den Kampf gegen die Krankheit weiterzuführen.

After all the changes in health which came with such a bad disease Patrick still found the time to do the audio-recording for „The Time of My Life“ – before allowing his body to continue the fight for his life.

Es gibt immer wieder Infektionen, die Patricks Körper schwächen und ihm zusetzen und die Ärzte in Alarmbereitschaft versetzen.

There are new infections coming up which weakened his body and got the doctors alarmed.

And then one day, when Patrick was at the hospital for treatment, Lisa heard the words she always feared to hear:

Und eines Tages, als Patrick bereits im Krankenhaus ist, hört Lisa das Unausweichliche:

„And I knew what they were going to say…

‚I’m afraid we’re at that point now,‘ they said gravely and with compassion.

I confirmed with them that, absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, there was nothing more we could do. […] I didn’t want to start crying and not be able to stop. And I had to agree…

I had to agree…

I had to agree that this was the end.“

(page 278)

Lisa bringt Patrick zurück auf die Ranch, um ihm noch ein wenig Ruhe und vertraute Umgebung zu bieten. Lisa hatte noch nicht die Kraft gefunden, ihrem Liebsten zu sagen, dass er sterben wird – doch wie es scheinbar bei allen Todkranken zu sein scheint – sie wissen es – und Patrick wusste es auch.

Lisa brought Patrick back to their Ranch to give him some quiet time and a loved surrounding. While Lisa hadn’t found the strength to tell her beloved about his situation – but, as maybe it is with all those who are coming near their time to die – they know – and so did Patrick.

„Patrick spoke his last words on Friday evening. […] My last words with Patrick? „I love you.“ And he to me. I never stopped saying it – when I would leave the room, or when I came back into it. And he said it to me until it was only the movement of his lips without sound, and then… only his soft ears that my words would fall on.“ (page 296)

Nach dem Verlust von Patrick begann für Lisa eine schwere Zeit, in der sie nur mit Mühe weiterleben konnte.

After loosing Patrick everything was hard for Lisa and she had a hard time facing being alone without her loved soulmate.

Lisa Niemi ist zwar wieder verheiratet, denkt aber immer noch viel an Patrick, was ihr sicherlich auch die Sympathien seiner Fans bringt. Auf ihrem Blog schreibt sie auch über ihre Gefühlslagen und Emotionen.

Now Lisa Niemi is married again, but still thinks a lot about Patrick which I think his fans are loving. On her blog she is writing about her feelings and emotions.


„Worth Fighting For“ beschreibt den Kampf von Lisa und Patrick um sein Leben aus der Sicht von Lisa und hat einige lustige und einige tief traurige Momente zu bieten. Man spürt die tiefen Gefühle und die Hochs und Tiefs auf ihrem Weg, Patrick ein wenig länger am Leben zu halten und womöglich sogar die Krankheit zu besiegen.

„Worth Fighting For“ shows the fight of Lisa and Patrick for his life from the view of Lisa and has some lighter and some darker moments to dive into. While reading you can feel the love and ups and downs on their way to give Patrick some more time on this earth and maybe beat the disease.

Den Kampf haben sie nicht besiegt, aber Patrick Swayze wird – auch durch diese beiden Bücher – immer im Herzen der Menschen die an ihn denken, ihn gekannt haben und seine Arbeit bewunderten bleiben.

They haven’t beaten the disease, but Patrick Swayze will be – also via these two books – forever in the hearts of the people who are thinking of him, who knew him and who cherished his works.


~ The Time of My Life ~

Nachdem ich im Februar ein Stöckchen aufgefangen und mich zu meinen Leseplänen 2016 geäußert hatte, bin ich nun einen Schritt weiter.

After getting a little stick with a question about what to read this year earlier in 2016 I have finished another „milestone“.

„Our Song“ von Dani Atkins habe ich ja bereits gelesen.

I have already read „Our Song“ by Dani Atkins.

Nun widmete ich mich einem Buch, welches auch schon eine Weile im Regal steht und das ich nun endlich auch gelesen habe. Allerdings gehört zu diesem Buch noch ein weitere Teil, ein Nachfolger sozusagen, den ich mir als nächstes anschauen werde.

Now I have finished a book which lives in my bookshelf for quite a while. But this book has a second part – if you would say so – and this will be the next on my to-read-list.


„Nobody puts Baby in a corner.“ (page 137)

Dies war und ist einer der berühmtesten Sätze aus einem Film, der Millionen Fans hat und Patrick Swayze und Jennifer Grey zu weltbekannten Namen machte.

This was – and is – one of the most popular sentences from a movie which is adored by millions of fans and made Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey famous in the whole world.

Richtig. You’re right.

Dirty Dancing

Allerdings mochte Patrick Swayze diesen Satz nicht besonders, obwohl er im Film seine Wirkung nicht verfehlte.

But Patrick Swayze didn’t like this sentence that much but it worked well in the movie.


2009 verstarb der bekannte und beliebte Schauspieler an Bauchspeicheldrüsenkrebs – wie auch schon Michael Landon.

In 2009 the well known and beloved actor died of pancreatic cancer – just like Michael Landon some years earlier.


In „The Time of my Life“ erzählt er kurze Zeit vor seinem Tod von seinem Leben: seiner Kindheit und Jugend, in denen er Football spielte und eigentlich eine sportliche Karriere anstrebte; wie es war, als er seine Frau Lisa kennenlernte und wie seine Karriere sich auf die schauspielerische Ebene verlagerte.

In „The Time of my Life“ he tells the reader about his life: his childhood and young adult-years when he played football and wanted to be an olympic sports star; what happened when he met his wife Lisa for the first time and how his career turned into the way of acting.

„I never believed that people could like me for myself;

I always felt I had to win them.“

(page 24)

Auch Schauspieler sind normale Menschen und so fiel es Patrick zunächst nicht leicht, Lisa seine Gefühle zu offenbaren.

Actors are people like you and me and so Patrick had quite a difficult time to show Lisa his feelings.


Er erzählt auch von der gemeinsamen Liebe zur Natur und zu Pferden, von seinen Filmen – und von seinen Verletzungen, die ihn ein Leben lang begleiteten.

He also tells about his love for nature and horses, the movies he had done – and of his injuries that accompanied him for life.

Natürlich erzählt er auch von den Dreharbeiten zu „Fackeln im Sturm“ und „Dirty Dancing.“ Wir erfahren, welche Szenen er und Lisa – und auch Jennifer zum Film hinzufügten, um mehr Tiefe in die Charaktere zu bringen – und auch, dass Jennifer bei manchen Szenen ziemlich viel und immer lachte, so dass diese wieder und wieder und wieder gedreht werden mussten.

For sure he also tells the reader about the shooting for „North and South“ and „Dirty Dancing“. We get an insight in the way it worked out for the cast and that Jennifer used to laugh pretty hard in some scenes, so these had to be shot again and again and again.

„Throughout the filming, we kept inserting little touches to help flesh out the characters and their relationships.

There were times when Jennifer giggled uncontrollably, not as part of the script, but because she was just plain giggly – and those moments made it into the film.

For the scene where we’re dancing and I draw my hand slowly down her arm, she nearly drove me crazy – she literally couldn’t shoot that scene without giggling all the way through, so we had to retake it about twenty-five times.“

(page 137)


Er erzählt auch von den nicht so rosigen Zeiten, als seine Schwester Selbstmord beging und sein Rhodesian Ridgeback Cody an Krebs starb. 13 Jahre begleitete er Patrick durch sein Leben und sein Tod ließ den Schauspieler vieles neu sehen und sein Leben neu ordnen.

He also tells about the times that were not so good: when his sister committed suicide and when his Rhodesian Ridgeback Cody died of cancer. 13 years he was there for Patrick and Lisa and his death let Patrick think in new ways of his life.

„When those you love die, the best you can do is honour their spirit for as long as you live. You make a commitment that you’re going to take whatever lesson that person or animal was trying to teach you, and you make it true in your own life. […] With everything that happened over the previous couple of years, Lisa and I started to seriously reevaluate how we were living our lives.

For too long, we’d been running in the whirlwind, taking on too many things at once and ignoring the needs of our spirits. Together, we decided to simplify things, to get back to the basics.“

(page 203)

In der Folgezeit hat Patrick ziemlich viel Glück, dass er zwei Mal dem Tod entgeht, der doch im Rückblick gesehen, immer irgendwie auf ihn gelauert zu haben scheint.

In the following times Patrick was really lucky to escape the fingers of death two times.

Auch hatten er und Lisa Schwierigkeiten in ihrer Ehe, die sie aber überwunden – nur um sich dem zu stellen, was ihre größte Herausforderung werden würde: der Krebs.

Lisa and Patrick also had to battle with some serious problems in their marriage but managed to solve them and grow stronger and more in love than before. But nothing could have warned them what came with a simple gastrointestinal procedure: cancer.

„I don’t remember much about that conversation, but when he told me I had pancreatic cancer, my first thought was, „I’m a dead man.“ The only thing I’d ever heard about pancreatic cancer was that it’s incurable and it kills you very quickly.

I just stared at him in shock.

I had gone in for a simple gastrointestinal procedure, then all of a sudden – surprise! You could be dead before springtime!“

(page 236)

Im Sommer 2008 erneuerten beide ihr Ehegelübde und diese bewegenden Worte der beiden beschließen diese Lebenserinnerungen.

The summer of 2008 there came a day when both of them renewed their wedding vows and these lovely and sweet and caring words mark the end of this book.


„The Time of My Life“ ist ein wunderbares Buch voll mit Erinnerungen an das Leben eines Mannes, der viel erreicht hat und doch immer wieder NUR auf ein oder zwei Filmrollen begrenzt wird.

„The Time of My Life“ is a wonderful book full of lovely memories of the life of a man who has done so much but is most of the time limited to one or two movie roles.

Dabei ist das Leben und die Leistung von Patrick Swayze mehr als nur „Dirty Dancing“.

But the life and work of Patrick Swayze is more than just „Dirty Dancing“.

Und dieses Buch ist eine Erinnerung daran, dies nicht zu vergessen und sein Leben und Wirken als Ganzes zu betrachten.

And this book is a good thing to remember that – and not to forget to see his life and his works as a whole thing.


„The Time of My Life“ kann ich nur empfehlen.

I can definitely recommend reading „The Time of My Life“.


Zu den besten Filmen von Patrick Swayze gehören u.a.

  • King Solomon’s Mines
  • One last Dance
  • Letters from a Killer
  • Three Wishes
  • To Wong Foo
  • Stadt der Freude
  • Gefährliche Brandung
  • Ghost
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Fackeln im Sturm


Welche davon habt ihr schon gesehen und wie ist eure Meinung dazu?

Which of them you have seen and how do you like them?