~ Bücher für Sommer und Seele / Books to cherish the sun and feed the soul ~

Buchgeschmäcker ändern sich im Laufe der Zeit – manches mag man als Leser dann weniger oder gar nicht mehr – und einige Geschmäcker kommen wieder und man entdeckt durch sie die Lust am Lesen wieder neu.

So ging es mir mit Büchern von Katie Fforde, Cecelia Ahern und jetzt auch mit meinen Neuentdeckungen von Ali McNamara.

Was bei den Büchern nicht schadete: die wunderschöne Covergestaltung.

Your taste in books that you like to read could change in time – it could be that you won’t like some things you have loved to read anymore – and sometimes your taste in books… that you had a longer time ago… will come back to you and will help you find your way into reading again.

That’s what happened to me with the lovely books by Katie Fforde, Cecelia Ahern and – my newest discovery: books by Ali McNamara.

What also drew me to these books: the lovely cover-layout.

Während meines Urlaubs und der Zeit danach las ich folgende Geschichten:

During my holiday and in the days after I travelled in these stories:

„Dear Reader,

Life is never easy. We all have many life-changing experiences every day. Some of which appear to us to be good, some we think of as bad. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we had someone to help us along the way […]

This is the story of what happens when that help comes to us in a very unusual way.“

(Ali McNamara: Letters from Lighthouse Cottage, Sphere, 2016)

„Welcome to Ballykiltara’s very own Welcome House.

Please feel free to stay here as long as your need requires. A house has stood on this site for hundreds, possibly thousands of years, offering shelter and food to those that need it. Be assured, you didn’t find the Welcome House, The Welcome House found you…It knew you needed help and made itself available to you. The house would be grateful when your stay is over if you could leave it in the same way you found it, and if possible replace any food or supplies you have used with new ones. But if you can’t, please don’t worry. The Welcome House will continue to provide for those in need, just as it has done for you. Go raibh maith agat. Thank you and enjoy your stay.“

(Ali McNamara: The Summer of Serendipity, Sphere, page 126)

„My dearest Ana,

By now you’ll know that I’ve gone.

I was only ever going to be in your life temporarily, to help you and guide you back on the right path. Whenever someone is in trouble we are sent in to help, and boy, were you in trouble! You could never ask us for help – you were too proud to ever do that, but with the help of your friend Daisy I was able to come to you and assist you in your time of need. […]“

(Ali McNamara: Daisy’s Cornish Camper Van, Sphere, page 357)

„Man sagt der Blitz schlägt nie zweimal ein. Stimmt aber nicht. Na ja, dass die Leute das sagen, stimmt schon, aber als Tatsache ist es falsch. […]

Er sah mich an, und mir war klar, dass er mich nicht wirklich sah. Sein Gesicht war völlig verändert. In meinem Kopf schrillten sämtliche Alarmglocken, aber ehe ich etwas sagen oder tun konnte, griff er nach der Waffe und hielt sie sich an den Kopf. Und dann ging der Revolver los.“

(Cecelia Ahern: Die Liebe deines Lebens, Fischer Verlag, S. 7/10)

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Diese Bücher sind genau das Richtige für den Sommer – eigentlich auch für jede andere Jahreszeit.

Die gute Neuigkeit: Ali McNamara hat für 2019 ein weiteres Buch mit wunderschönem Cover angekündigt: Secrets and Seashells at Rainbow Bay.

So these books are exactly the right thing for a summer read – they are also suitable for every other season.

And the good thing: Ali McNamara has a new book coming out in 2019 with a lovely cover as well: Secrets and Seashells at Rainbow Bay.

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Was sind eure Sommer-Bücher? Eure Lesen-wieder-lieben Bücher?

What are your summer books? Your Get-back-to-reading-books?

~ Books to read… / Leseempfehlungen… ~

Falls ihr euch wundert, warum ich für längere Zeiten abwesend vom Bloggeschehen bin/war – hier einige der Bücher, die auf meiner „To-Read-Liste“ stehen. Einige davon sind angefangen, andere liegen noch völlig frisch bei mir und warten auf lesende Augen…

In case you are wondering why I haven’t been / am a little away from the blogging universe – here are some of the books I have on my „to-read-list“. Some of them are „in the works“ and some of them are waiting for some open eyes to read them…

~ Reading Recommendations and Zoo-tastic adventures ~

~ An meine deutschsprachigen Leser:

Zur Abwechslung – und weil ich es nicht zeitnah geschafft habe, den vorigen Artikel in englischer Sprache zur Verfügung zu stellen – erscheint

dieser Artikel nur auf Englisch. ~

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Hi everyone out there,

hope you guys have an amazing summer so far? Mine has been pretty good – but with having a new job and other organisational things I have to deal with right now there has been less time to post something here. I hope you guys bear with me and I am doing my best to post some interesting things more often.

So – with the wonderful thing of having a year’s card to the Leipzig Zoo and therefore the ability to come and go whenever I like – which is definitely a good thing for someone like me – I am now showing you some of the latest pictures  I took.

They include the amazing and wonderful young tiger cubs playing around, some feathery guys enjoying their life and other summer-like pictures. Hope you like them 🙂


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And – as this is also a blog about books and reading – here are some of the latest books I’ve read and found very interesting – each one in a different way – and which I would like to recommend to you to read:


So – how has your summer been so far?

Do  you have any reading recommendations you want to share? If so feel free to comment on this article or send me a message on twitter.


Whatever you do – may it be reading or enjoying the summer travelling or just enjoy th sun – remember to slow down every once in a while.